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International Institute of Public Finance

IIPF Governing Bodies

The IIPF is governed by a Board of Management, whose decisions require approval by the General Assembly. The Institute is administered by an Executive Committee whose members are the President of the Institute and two Executive Vice Presidents: all are elected for a period of three years. The Board of Management and the General Assembly meet once a year. The legal seat of the IIPF is Munich, Germany, where the secretariat is located. Administration of the IIPF is effected by the Administration Manager, who is appointed by the Executive Committee.

Board of Management


Joel Slemrod USA 2015-2018 jslemrod@umich.edu

Vice Presidents

Clemens Fuest Germany 2014-2017 fuest@ifo.de  
Monika Bütler Switzerland 2015-2018 monika.buetler@unisg.ch  


Martín Besfamille Chile 2016-2019 mbesfamille@uc.cl  
Katherine Cuff Canada 2011/14-2017 cuffk@mcmaster.ca  
Matz Dahlberg Sweden 2011/14-2017 matz.dahlberg@nek.uu.se  
Ronald Davies Ireland 2015-2018 ronbdavies@gmail.com
Michelle Hanlon USA 2016-2019 mhanlon@mit.edu
Bas Jacobs Netherlands 2015-2018 bjacobs@ese.eur.nl
Mario Jametti Switzerland 2013-2016 mario.jametti@usi.ch  
Wojciech Kopczuk USA 2014-2017 wojciech.kopczuk@columbia.edu  
Sara LaLumia USA 2016-2019 sl2@williams.edu  
Benjamin Lockwood UK 2012/15-2018 b.lockwood@warwick.ac.uk  
Yukihiro Nishimura Japan 2016-2019 ynishimu@econ.osaka-u.ac.jp  
Victoria Perry (IMF*) 2016-2019 vperry@imf.org  
Carol Propper UK 2014-2017 c.propper@imperial.ac.uk  
Nadine Riedel Germany 2015-2018 nadine.riedel@rub.de  
Kimberley Scharf UK 2015-2018 k.scharf@warwick.ac.uk  
Matti Tuomala Finland 2012/5-2018 matti.tuomala@kolumbus.fi  

* International Monetary Fund


Andreas Haufler Germany 2015-2021 Andreas.Haufler@econ.lmu.de


Friedrich Schneider Austria 2012-2017 friedrich.schneider@jku.at
Hans M. van de Kar Netherlands 2008/13-2018 hansvandekar@gmail.com

Administration Manager

Barbara Hebele Germany hebele@iipf.org


Status: 12 August 2016

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