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International Institute of Public Finance

Carol Propper


Present Positions
2007 -   Professor of Economics, Imperial College Business School (50% time from Oct 2007)
1995 -   Professor of Economics of Public Policy, Department of Economics, University of Bristol; 2002-4 Director, CMPO, University of Bristol (50% from Oct 2007).

Past Positions
2005-2009     Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Chair, Research Grants Board and Council Member
2000-2005     Council Member, Royal Economic Society
2001                Economics and Econometrics Research Assessment Exercise 2001 Panel member
2001                Chair, Conference Programme, Royal Economic Society Conference 2001
1998-01          Chair, Royal Economic Society Committee on Women in Economics
1997-00          Member, ESRC Research Grants Board

Selected Publications
John McCormack, C Propper and Sarah Smith, Herding Cats: Management in Universities, forthcoming  Economic Journal (Features)

Johnston, David, Propper, Carol, Pudney, Stephen and Shields, Michael (2013) Child Mental Health and Educational Attainment: Multiple Observers and the Measurement Error Problem, Journal of Applied Econometrics. Nov 2013 DOI: 10.1002/jae.2359

Gaynor, M, Moreno-Serra, R, Propper, Death by Market Power: Reform, Competition and Patient Outcomes in the National Health Service. Forthcoming American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (November)

David Johnston, Carol Propper, Stephen Pudney, Mike Shields, The income gradient in childhood mental health: All in the eye of the beholder?" Forthcoming Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society)

Washbrook, L, Propper, C and Sayal, Kapil (2013) Pre-school hyperactivity/attention problems and educational outcomes in adolescence: prospective longitudinal study. British Journal of Psychiatry

Propper, C and Venables, Mary-Anne Venables (2013) An assessment of Labour’s record on health and healthcare Oxford Rev Econ Policy 29 (1): 203-226
Howe, Laura, Lawlor, Debbie, Propper, Carol (2013) Trajectories of socioeconomic inequalities in health, behaviours and academic achievement across childhood and adolescence. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Vol 67: 358-364

von Hinke Kessler Scholder S, Davey Smith G, Lawlor DA, Propper C, Windmeijer F (2013). Child Height, Health and Human Capital: Evidence using Genetic Markers. European Economic Review 57: 1-22

Gaynor, M, Laudicella, M, Propper, C. (2012). Can Governments do it better? Merger Mania and the Outcomes of Mergers in the NHS Journal of Health Economics 31(3): 528-543.

von Hinke Kessler Scholder S, Davey Smith G, Lawlor DA, Propper C, Windmeijer F (2012). The Effect of Fat Mass on Educational Attainment: Examining the Sensitivity to Different Identification Strategies. Economics and Human Biology, 10 (4): 405-418

Propper, C. Competition, Incentives and the English NHS (2012) Health Economics 21:33-40 Gaynor, M, Moreno Serra, R, Propper, C. (2012).

Can competition improve outcomes in the NHS? Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 17 (1):59-54 von Hinke Kessler Scholder S, Davey Smith G, Lawlor DA, Propper C, Windmeijer F (2011). Mendelian randomization: the use of genes in instrumental variable analyses. Health Economics, 20(8):893-6.
Burgess, S, Propper, C, Ratto, M, Scholder, S, Tominey, E. (2010). Smarter Task Assignment or Greater Effort: What Makes a Difference in Team Performance, Economic Journal, 120 (547): 968-989.

Propper, C and Van Reenen J (2010). Can Pay Regulation Kill? Panel Data Evidence on the Effects of Labour Markets on Hospital Performance. Journal of Political Economy 118 (2): 222-273.

Propper, C, Sutton, M, Whitnall, Windmeijer, F. (2010). Incentives and Targets in Hospital Care: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Journal of Public Economics, 94: 318-335.

Johnston, D, Propper, C and Shields, M. (2009). Comparing Subjective and Objective Measures of Health: Evidence from Hypertension for the Income/Health Gradient. Journal of Health Economics  28 (3) 540-552.

Atkinson, A, Burgess, S, Croxson, B, Gregg, P, Propper, C Tominey E. (2009). Evaluating the impact of Performance related Pay for Teachers in the UK. Labour Economics 16 (3): 251-261.

Janke, K, Propper, C, Henderson J. (2009). Do current levels of air pollution kill? The impact of air pollution on population mortality in England. Health Economics 18 (9): 1031–1055.

Monstad, K, Propper, C, Salvanes, S. (2008). The Impact of Education on fertility. Scandanavian Journal of Economics 110 (4): 827-852.

Burgess, S, Johnson, D, Propper, C, Wilson, D. (2008). The transition of pupils from primary to secondary school in England. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 33 (3): 388-403.

Halonen, M and Propper, C, (2008). Competition and Decentralisation in Government Bureaucracies. Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation 67:903–916.

Propper, C, Sutton, M, Whitnall, C, Windmeijer, F. (2008). Did targets and terror reduce waiting times for hospital care in England, The BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 8 (2).

Burgess, S, Gregg, P, Propper, C, Washbrook, E, (2008). Maternity Rights and Mother’s return to work. Labour Economics 15: 168-201.

Burgess, S, Propper, C, Gossage, D, (2008). Competition and Quality: Evidence from the NHS Internal Market 1991-99. Economic Journal 118:138-170.

Propper, C, Rigg, J, Burgess, S. (2007). Child Health: Evidence on the roles of Family Income and Maternal Mental Health from a UK birth cohort. Health Economics 16 (11): 1245-1269

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