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International Institute of Public Finance


Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2015–2021

Status of CV: for elections, Summer 2015

Studies of Economics and Political Science, University of Freiburg and University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1983-1986
Master of Arts in Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1986
Lizentiat (Post-graduate degree), International Economic Relations, University of Konstanz, 1987
Dr. rer. pol., University of Konstanz, 1992
Habilitation, Venia Legendi for Economics, University of Konstanz, 1998

Research Assistant, Long-term Research Program "Internationalization of the Economy", University of Konstanz, 1988-1992
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, 1993-1994
Senior Research Assistant, Chair of Public Economics, University of Konstanz, 1994-1998
Tenured Associate Professor for Public Economics, University of Göttingen, 1999-2002
Full Professor, Chair of Economic Policy, University of Munich, 2002 - present

Other Activities
Co-editor-in-Chief, International Tax and Public Finance, 2013 - present
Associate Editor, International Tax and Public Finance, 2004-2012
Associate Editor, Finnish Economic Papers (since 2007), Fiscal Studies, 2010-2013
Member of the International Institute for Public Finance, 1995 - present
Board Member of the German Economic Association, 2009-2012
Chairman of the program committee, Annual Congress of the German Economic Association 2007 in Munich
Research Professor, ifo Institute, Munich, 2014 - present

Selected Publications
(2015) Reforming an Asymmetric Union: On the Virtues of Dual Tier Capital Taxation (with Christoph Lülfesmann), Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming
(2015) Should Tax Policy Favor High- or Low-Productivity Firms? (with Dominika Langenmayr and Christian Bauer), European Economic Review 73, 18-34
(2014) Entrepreneurial Innovations and Taxation (with Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson), Journal of Public Economics 113, 13-31
(2014) Economic Integration and the Optimal Corporate Tax Structure with Heterogeneous Firms (with Christian Bauer and Ronald Davies), Journal of Public Economics 110, 42-56
(2013) Tax Competition in a Simple Model with Heterogeneous Firms: How Larger Markets Reduce Profit Taxes (with Frank Stähler), International Economic Review 54, 665-692
(2012) Firms' Financial Choices and Thin Capitalization Rules under Corporate Tax Competition (with Marco Runkel), European Economic Review 56, 1087-1103
(2011) Unionisation Triggers Tax Incentives for Foreign Direct Investment (with Ferdinand Mittermaier), The Economic Journal 121, 793-818
(2010) Competition for Firms in an Oligopolistic Industry: The Impact of Economic Integration (with Ian Wooton), Journal of International Economics 80, 239-248
(2008) Tax Competition when Firms Choose their Organizational Form: Should Tax Loopholes for Multinationals be Closed? (with Sam Bucovetsky), Journal of International Economics 74, 188-201
(2008) Merger Policy to Promote 'Global Players'? A Simple Model (with Soeren Bo Nielsen), Oxford Economic Papers 60, 517-545
(2006) The Effects of Regional Tax and Subsidy Competition on Foreign Direct Investment (with Ian Wooton), European Economic Review 50, 285-305
(2004) Tacit Collusion and International Commodity Taxation (with Guttorm Schjelderup), Journal of Public Economics 88, 577-600
(2004) International Commodity Taxation under Monopolistic Competition (with Michael Pflüger), Journal of Public Economic Theory 6, 445-470
(2001) Taxation in a Global Economy. Cambridge University Press
(2000) Corporate Tax Systems and Cross-Country Profit Shifting (with Guttorm Schjelderup), Oxford Economic Papers 52, 306-325
(1999) Country Size and Tax Competition for Foreign Direct Investment (with Ian Wooton), Journal of Public Economics 71, 121-139
(1996) Tax Coordination with Different Preferences for Public Goods: Conflict or Harmony of Interest? International Tax and Public Finance 3, 5-28
(1995) Indirect Taxation in an Integrated Europe: Is there a Way of Avoiding Trade Distortions without Sacrificing National Tax Autonomy (with Bernd Genser and Peter B. Soerensen), Journal of Economic Integration 10, 170-205

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