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International Institute of Public Finance

ITAX PhD Student Award

Starting in 2017 the Annual Congresses feature the ITAX PhD Student Award, introduced by the journal International Tax and Public Finance (ITAX).

The ITAX PhD Student Award is open to any current PhD student presenting at the IIPF (defined as anyone who is registered as a PhD student for the congress).

The award comes with a $1,000 prize and an opportunity to publish in the journal. This publication can either be a full-paper submission (where the editors will work towards an expedited but otherwise normal referee process) or a short 5 page summary of the paper and its main findings (comparable to the American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings). Please note that if the winner chooses the latter, this does not preclude the author from a full paper submission at a later date.

The award decision is based on the paper and the candidate's presentation; and only submissions presented at the IIPF are considered as a result. There is no restriction on co-authorship and submissions may be co-authored with senior colleagues, but the PhD student must present it at the congress.

The 2023 ITAX PhD Student Award has been awarded to Jakob Brounstein (University of California Berkeley, USA) for his paper "Can Countries Unilaterally Mitigate Tax Haven Usage? Evidence from Ecuadorian Transaction Tax Data.".

Previous ITAX PhD Student Award Laureates

Year Author(s) Title of Paper
2022 Pablo Garriga Firms as Tax Collectors
2021 Inês Xavier Wealth Inequality in the US: The Role of Heterogenous Returns
2020 Thiago Scot Corporate Taxation and Evasion Responses: Evidence from a Minimum Tax in Honduras
2019 Antoine Ferey Inattention and the Taxation Bias
2018 Juliana Londono-Velez Can Wealth Taxation Work in Developing Countries? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Colombia (after-congress version, Nov. 2018)
2017 Daiki Kishishita Emergence of Populism under Ambiguity
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