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International Institute of Public Finance

IIPF Young Economists Award

The "IIPF Young Economists Award" was instituted in 2008, with the aim of encouraging young scholars who present their papers at the IIPF Annual Congress. An award committee, headed by the Scientific Chair of the respective congress and including further members, selects those papers presented at the congress that stand out for their scientific quality, creativity and relevance, and chooses up to two of them to be distinguished with this award.

The same rules apply for this award as for the "IIPF Peggy and Richard Musgrave Prize", namely that authors must be under 40 years old, that in the case of co-authored papers, all authors need to be under 40, and that age is measured as at the ending day of the Congress, when the prize is awarded. Authors who wish to be considered for this award should indicate this when submitting their papers for presentation at the Congress.

The IIPF gave the Young Economists Award in 2023 to:


Arun Advani (University of Warwick),
David Burgherr (London School of Economics) and
Andy Summers (London School of Economics)
for their paper "Taxation and Migration by the Super-Rich."

William Dodds (Tulane University, USA) for his paper "Solving Multidimensional Screening Problems Using a Generalized Single Crossing Property: Applications to Optimal Taxation."

Ilona Tsanko (ZEW Mannheim, Germany, and University of Zurich) for her paper "Would You Like To Super-Size Your Car? The Effect Of Environmental Subsidies On Emissions."


Previous IIPF Young Economists Award Laureates

Year Author(s) Title of Paper
2022 Enrico Rubolino Taxing the Gender Gap: Labor Market Effects of a Payroll Tax Cut for Women in Italy
2021 Anja Roth and Michaela Slotwinski Gender norms and income misreporting within households
2020 Ashley Cooper Craig Optimal Income Taxation with Spillovers from Employer Learning
Andreas Gerster and Michael Kramm Correct Me if You Can – Optimal Non-Linear Taxation of Internalities
Arezou Zaresani Adjustment Cost and Incentives to Work: Evidence from a Disability Insurance Program
2019 Adrian Lerche Investment Tax Credits and the Response of Firms
Mathilde Muñoz Do European Top Earners React to Labour Taxation Through Migration?
2018 Daniel Reck & Jacob Goldin Optimal Defaults with Normative Ambiguity
2017 Arthur Seibold Statuory Ages as Reference Points for Retirement: Evidence from Germany
Samuel Stolper The Role of Local Pass-Through
2016 Eric Ohrn Investment and Employment Responses to State Adoption of Federal Accelarated Depreciation Policies
Pierre Bachas Not(ch) Your Average Tax System: Corporate Taxation Under Weak Enforcement
2015 Miguel Almunia & David Lopez-Rodriguez Heterogeneous Responses to Effective Tax Enforcement: Evidence from Spanish Firms
Francesca Carta & Lucia Rizzica Female employment and pre-kindergarten: on the unintended effects of an Italian reform
Irem Guceri & Li Liu Effectiveness of fiscal incentives for R&D: a quasi-experiment
2014 Maria Coelho Dodging Robin Hood: Responses to France and Italy's Financial Transaction Taxes
Jarkko Harju and Tuomas Kosonen The inefficiency of reduced VAT rates: Evidence from restaurant industry
Olga Malkova The Effect of Paid Parental Leave and a Child Benefit on Fertility
2013 Pierre Bachas & Anders Jensen Information Trails, Tax Compliance and Development
Bas Jacobs & Floris Zoutman Optimal Redistribution and Optimal Monitoring of Labor Effort
Andreas Steiner A Tale of Two Deficits: Public Budget Balance of Reserve Currency Countries
2012 David Agrawal Inter-Federation Competition: Sales Tax Externalities with Multiple Federations
Felix Bierbrauer & Pierre BoyerPolitical Competition and Mirrleesian Income Taxation: a First Pass
Ronny Freier & Christian Odendahl Do Parties Matter? Estimating the Effect of Political Representation in Multi-Party Systems
2011 Raphael Parchet & Beatrix Brügger Culture and Taxes: Towards Identifying Tax Competition
Craig Garthwaite The Doctor Might See You Now: The Supply-Side Effects of Public Health Insurance Expansions
Aart Gerritsen Equity and Efficiency in Rationed Labor Markets
2010 Johannes Rincke & Ferdinand Mittermaier Do Countries Compensate Firms for International Wage Differentials?
2009 Ronald Davies & Johannes Voget Tax Competition in an Expanding European Union
José Carlos Assi Kimou Economic Conditions, Enforcement and Criminal Activities in the District of Abidjan
Martial Foucault, Emilie Caldeira &
Grégoire Rota-Graziosi
Public Spending Interactions among Beninese Municipalities<
2008 Johannes Becker & Nadine Riedel Corporate Taxation and Multinational Firms - Empirical Evidence on Welfare Implications
T.Scott Findley & Frank N. Caliendo Short Horizons, Time Inconsistency, and Optimal Social Security
Gabrielle Fack & Camille Landais Are Fiscal Incentives Towards Charitable Giving Efficient: Evidence from France

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